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In a world ravaged by disease, join a feeble, old man in his attempt to escape the plague, traversing dimensions. 


- A 70 minute long original soundtrack

- Collect sorceries to aid your journey

- An old man

- Now includes [spoilers], as brought to you by the 2019 update

- Made in RPG MAKER 2003

Disclaimer: Game features some dark imagery.

For those of you updating and using a v0.01 save file, there is a visual bug when loading. Turning left and saving on the save spot again will fix it, as will leaving and re entering the room, although the screen tint will be weird until you save again. I will fix this once I figure out how. (I've only been able to replicate it using legacy saves, not sure  what other types of bugs that might cause, hopefully none)

Made for the Dream Diary Jam 2018, updated for Dream Diary Jam 2019.

Note: Currently has no ending. Contains 8 effects(sorceries), 10 if you include Prayer and Note, 11 if you include an unusable item you can find ingame. I will update this info along with each update so no one wastes time looking for effects after finding them all.

Install instructions

Download and unzip, run RPG_RT.EXE from the game folder.  You may have to install the RPG MAKER 2003 RTP in order to run the game. Download the 2003 Run Time Package (RTP) on rpgmakerweb.com.


BLACK ASTRAL v0.02.1.zip 239 MB
BLACK ASTRAL v0.01.zip 108 MB

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